How to Clean Upstairs Windows Like a Professional

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Spring is already here, and it is high time now that you should make the necessary improvements in your house. The weather is becoming warm and pleasant, and you would surely want to have a lot of fun going out. But do not neglect your home by doing so. And no matter how good your home looks, it wouldn’t be eye-catching if your home is completely covered in dust.

This is when you will need help on such cleaning issues like how to clean upstairs windows. This article will be helpful if you are planning to do the cleaning without using a ladder as it might not be always available.

Spring cleaning usually starts with the kitchen first, then the bathroom and then the bedrooms. However, the most neglected part of your house during these chores are the windows. It is not because they are tough to clean, but they are quite uncomfortable to do so. Ground floors can usually be cleaned easily, but you must wonder how to clean upstairs windows without a ladder since ladders are dangerous and can cause an accident at any time. This is why professional window cleaners use water fed poles to clean upstairs windows and doesn’t require any ladders’ involvement. 

You must wonder what you can do if you are not a professional and want to get this problematic chore done. This is what we will be discussing in our blog today, where we will let you know about the tactic behind how to clean upstairs windows without a ladder. 

Tools you’ll need to clean windows upstairs without a ladder

The requirement of the tools are as follows:

  • Garden hose
  • Bucket filled with lukewarm water
  • Cleaning detergent
  • Brush with an extension pole
  • Squeegee with an extension pole

Not all of the tools are necessary. You can purchase the most needed ones according to your property type and whether your property comes with a  garden or not. If you have a garden, it will make the whole process a lot simpler since you can remove the dirt easily with a hose and eventually save a lot of your time and effort. 

How to Clean Your Upstairs Windows Without a Ladder

Step 1: Plug in the hose and turn on your water supply. For the best results, you can use warm water, but if that is not the option available at your disposal, cold water will work too! 

Step 2: Run water on the surfaces of the windows. The water flow mustn’t be too strong since it will damage the surface. 

Step 3: Clean the entire window to soak the dirt. It needs to be kept on the window for a few minutes to help in smooth cleaning of the window.

Step 4: Mount the brush extension pole. Make sure that the pole is at a correct height so that it reaches the windows comfortably. 

Step 5: With lukewarm water, fill your bucket. Put a few drops of detergent on it for window washing.

Step 6: Dip the brush inside the solution. The mixture will help to break the dust particles. 

Step 7: Start off by cleaning from one corner along the topside of the window. This will prevent the dirt from coming down to the already cleaned surface.

Step 8: Slowly work your way down, ensuring that the rest of the window gets cleaned. Keep brushing until the dirt has come off, and if required, you can also increase the water pressure. 

Step 9: For the spots of dirt that hasn’t fallen off, try to apply some water on them and then move on to the next window. Go back to the previous window in a few minutes and brush it again. 

Step 10: Apply water from the hose in a thorough manner to remove all the dirt, foam and other substances from the window.

Step 11: Repeat the entire process before any dirty spots are left. When no spots remain, continue to the next window.

Step 12: Take your squeegee and rub it on the windows for attaining that polished look.

Step 13: Run the squeegee is an S pattern starting with the left corner until you reach the window’s end. 

Step 14: Allow it to air dry.

Wrapping Up on How to Clean Upstairs Windows

Cleaning a window is not the favourite chore one would like to do. However, if you know how to do the work, the whole process would make it a little bit less frustrating than it already is! You need to keep in mind that window cleaning needs to be done with a calm and patient mind so that there are no accidents. Do not apply any tools or detergents that might cause harm to your windows or even worse, you might harm yourself. Knowing how to clean upstairs windows without a ladder can be challenging. Still, the above methodology which we have discussed will make the whole process a lot smoother. 

In case you are loaded with works and don’t have enough time to do all the cleanings by yourself and then you can always get our services for window cleaning in Nottingham and surrounding areas. 

Also, let us know in the comment section if you have any queries or tips regarding Upstairs Windows Cleaning.