How To Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business

It may be a simple business with little initial investment. Starting a window cleaning business is an excellent way to be your own boss. With the invention of the water fed pole, it is now safer than ever to clean windows at height.

Do You See Yourself as a Window Cleaner

Most window cleaners did not grow up thinking “I want to clean windows when I grow up”. Maybe it is a family business or something to earn a bit of cash on the side at first but over time the appeal of being your own boss, working outside, started to attract some and many window cleaners earn good money and some earn over £100,000 a year and a few earn over £1,000,000 a year, not bad!

The prospect of regular work at heights is something that deters many people from pursuing a career in window cleaning. But most window cleaners will use the water fed pole system that can reach over 60ft. Window washing equipment today allows users to clean windows from the ground if they wish.

There are several examples of nationwide enterprises servicing thousands of properties daily and many examples of tiny family businesses working for the local community. Whatever you envision for your business.

A Service That is Continuously Growing

In the UK, having your windows cleaned by a window cleaner is the norm. For example, if you live in a pretty little culdesac and the Jones have a window cleaner and the Smiths have a window cleaner then you are going to have the same. You do not want to be the one house down your road with dirty windows?

As a result, many householders have a window cleaner. Why not clean them yourself? That is possible but because of the time it takes and it never comes out spotless or there are stretches down the glass. Many decide to pay for someone.

Also, the pandemic has increased the demand for a domestic window cleaner. More people are at home, working from home so they see and look out their windows more. Homeowners care more about their outside space and have more exposable income, therefore are happy to pay someone to clean and make their home look great.

What Equipment Should You Buy

The most common question people ask is: Water fed pole or traditional window cleaning? We would answer that with both. You need to be skilled in traditional window cleaning and the pure water fed pole system. Both methods of cleaning require different skills and techniques but are vital to run your own business.

Ettore, Unger are two top brands for traditional window cleaning equipment. Gardiner and Streamline are two top brands for water fed poles. We would recommend the Gardiner backpack as an essential bit of kit. It is portable and can solve several access issues with a van mounted system.

In some parts of the world, they use a RO filter system from an outside tap to make pure water and in other parts of the world, a van mounted system is used. Best to speak to your local community of window cleaners about what they use, You can find them on Facebook window cleaners groups for your country.

How to Market Your Business

When it comes to marketing your company, you may surely think big. Window washing is a competitive industry, so you’ll want to stand out. Consider your business plan and keep in mind that your marketing efforts are what will propel your company forward. Do you want a nationwide company with multiple employees and vans or are you looking to run a family run business in your local community? Two very different business plans and marketing techniques are needed.

Your company’s logo and brand.
Your website. If you need help, we have a company we would recommend to building a business website.

Pay-per-click and social media marketing are examples of online marketing.
List your company on and other similar websites.
Business cards, door-to-door canvassing, and flyering are all examples of traditional marketing strategies.

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Other Things to Think About

Accidents can happen regardless of whether you’re targeting commercial or residential properties. It’s necessary to have public liability insurance, and any car insurance must also be considered.

Will you be driving a car you already own or will you have to buy one? This is likely to have an impact on the equipment you’ll be able to utilise. While a car may be large enough to transport a simple traditional mop and squeegee, you may not be able to transport a pure water Window Cleaning setup, which may limit your growth as a business.

Although some window cleaners start with a car that can fit the water fed pole system and invest in a van later. (check your vehicle max payload)« I confirm the subscription of this blog to the Paperblog service under the username matt3432 »

And That is it!
You are ready to make a decision. Should you start your own window cleaning business. We hope this information has helped in some way. If you have any questions, please let us know. If you are looking for a professional window cleaner in Nottingham, you can contact us here.