Pressure Washing Services Nottingham

Indian Sandstone patio before & after cleaning


Professional patio, driveway and block paving cleaning and sealing in Nottinghamshire

We provide an expert pressure washing service in Nottingham and surrounding areas to clean and restore outdoor areas and hard surfaces including :

  • block paving
  • concrete
  • Indian Sandstone
  • other natural stone
  • resin bound and resin bonded
  • slabs
  • tarmac
  • decking

We are able to clean and remove all sorts of dirt, staining and biological growths such as algae and moss. We are also able to remove ingrained staining like paint spillages and oil leaks.

Pressure washing is also commonly known as jet washing and power washing and most people take them to have the same meaning. Technically speaking power washing actually refers to high pressure cleaning with hot water.

Patio and driveway cleaning and sealing Nottingham

Paving sealers

In addition to cleaning driveways and patios we also offer a sealing service. Sealers are available for all types of surfaces and in a variety of finishes. Sealers provide a protective barrier that helps maintain the appearance and prolong the life of paving. Other benefits include :

  • protect against oil and petrol leaks
  • prevent  staining from food and drink spillages
  • protect against fading caused by UV sunlight
  • help prevent colonisation by algae and black lichen spots
  • inhibits weed growth

Sealer finishes range from clear / invisible which have no effect on appearance to wet look, gloss / high shine and colour enhancer. Colour enhancers are usually designed for sandstone but rather than enhancing the stone they tend only to darken it.

Block paving cleaning, resanding and sealing Nottingham

We also offer block paver cleaning followed by joint resanding and sealing.

Is block paving joint resanding necessary?

Yes it is. The sand between the joints is an integral part of the structure and helps hold the blocks in place. Without the sand blocks would become loose with the weight of vehicles parked on them and driving over them and then start to break up. Over time this effect will spread across the paving and could result in structural failure.

Our block paving refurbishment involves sweeping kiln dried block paving sand in between the block joints. Kiln dried sand is specifically designed for this purpose and fills the gaps between block pavers.

We then apply a sealer to the paving because in addition to the protective benefits listed above, it also helps stabilise, or harden the sand which makes it bind together and to the side of blocks and so keep it in place. Without sealing it is likely to be washed away by rain and wind.

Black spot removal from driveways and patios

The dreaded black spots often found on all types of paving are in fact lichens. In the UK lichens are also very common in off-white coloured circular spots. These organisms are a combination of algae and fungus living in a symbiotic relatonship (mutually beneficial). They actually take root into the paving which is what makes them so hard to remove. This article provides further information about lichens.

However, our driveway cleaning and patio cleaning services in Nottingham are able to remove black spots with a combination of using the correct products to treat them and our powerful commercial grade pressure washing equipment.

Please call or email for further information or a free quote for any of our pressure washing services in Nottinghamshire.

Our other exterior cleaning services include :