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C & S Cleaning provide experienced, high quality window cleaning services in Nottingham. We are a family run local exterior cleanng company with 25 years experience as professional window cleaners.

The reason for our success and longevity in the business is a result of building a reputation for quality of service, reliability, affordability and excellent value for money.

Phrases like this are heard all too often in modern business, but rarely do companies believe in these prnciples. At C & S Cleaning we do. Our customers know they can depend on us for a reliable window cleaning service in Nottingham at a very reasonable price.

We have invested in the most up-to-date window cleaning equipment to ensure consistent, high quality standards of cleaning. We use purified water and long reach extendable poles, knows as WFP (water fed poles).

Purified water goes through an intensive filtration process which removes all the minerals, impurities and hard water deposits such as calcium, iron and limescale. This means that when used in cleaning windows the water dries to a crystal clear, streak-free finish. In comparison, tap water contains all these hard water deposits and if used for windows leaves behind white spotting.

An excellent example of hard water deposits in tap water are the limescale left behind in kettles and washing machines. Only purified water guarantees consistently high standards.

This Wikipedia article gives more detailed information on purified water and its industrial uses.

So how do we actually clean windows?

This purified water is stored in a tank in our van and is pumped up through an extendable water fed pole onto the glass and frames. The pole is fitted with a soft bristled brush that scrubs the glass clean as it is pumped out of the brush head. Once clean the windows and frames are then rinsed off with more fresh pure water.

Water fed poles have many advantages such as the huge length they can extend to e.g. 40, 50, 60 feet. This means they can reach previously inaccessible windows in large buildings, apartment blocks and even over conservatory roofs. They are operated from the safety of the ground meaning ladders are no longer necessary.

Residential window cleaning in Nottingham

Are you looking for a regular, reliable window cleaner in Nottingham, or perhaps just a one-off clean? C & S Cleaning can help. We provide domestic window cleaning services to homeowners and private tenants whatever sort of property you live in. We clean windows anywhere from flats and apartments to large detached properties.

But if you only require a one-off clean we can help with that too.

We clean all frames and sills as standard and at no extra cost.

Other services

Our other exterior cleaning services include :